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Unlocking Alberta's Lithium Resources: A Page from the Oil and Gas Playbook

Access Mats on Truck

Lithium, often referred to as the "white gold" of the energy transition, is in soaring demand worldwide as the critical component in electric vehicle batteries. As the world develops new energy storage solutions, lithium has emerged as a prized resource. Interestingly, the extraction of lithium shares many best practices with the well-established oil and gas industry, and this includes the use of access mats to ensure heavy equipment and crews can operate safely and efficiently. In Alberta, Canada, this rush is giving birth to a new chapter in resource extraction.

E3: Pioneering Lithium Extraction in Alberta

E3 Lithium stands out as the first lithium company to successfully launch an extraction project in Alberta. Leveraging the province's vast lithium deposits, E3's Leduc pilot project is reminiscent of early oil and gas extraction in several ways, including its location. In 1947, Leduc No. 1 became Alberta's most prolific conventional oil reserves and resulted in a boom in petroleum exploration and development across Western Canada.

Expanding Horizons

While E3 has taken the lead, several other companies have lithium extraction projects in the planning phases across Alberta. This promising development points to Alberta's potential to diversify its resource portfolio. With increased global demand for electric vehicles and battery storage solutions, the province could soon boast another valuable resource to offer the world.

The Oil and Gas Connection

The parallels between lithium and oil and gas extraction are striking. Both industries require careful site access management, including the installation of access mats to facilitate safe and efficient operations. As the lithium industry matures in Alberta, access mats will continue to play a pivotal role in enabling safe and efficient site operations.

As a leading manufacturer of access mats, Mats Unlimited is uniquely positioned to support the growth of this new industry. In fact, our two manufacturing facilities are located just outside of Leduc, a short distance away from the E3 pilot project. Our 3-ply access mats are constructed using high quality Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce, or Oak depending on project and budget specifics. The most common access mat dimension we sell is 8' x '14' but custom specs are available.

Mats Unlimited Access Solutions

Our management team and production crews are ready to meet your access needs. At Mats Unlimited you're not just buying access mats, you're getting best in class service and support.

  1. Industry leading production capacity: We are able to manufacture 10,000+ access mats a month across our two facilities in Nisku

  2. Robust Inventory: We have access mats in stock for urgent orders

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