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Case Study: Mats Unlimited's Successful Partnership with a Canadian Natural Gas Producer

Client: A leading Canadian natural gas producer, specializing in the extraction and distribution of natural gas.

Goal: With a focus on operational efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility, the company sought to secure a reliable supply of access mats to enhance their site operations.



In 2022, the natural gas producer faced several challenges related to their access mat requirements. They needed to find a dependable supplier who could consistently provide a reliable supply of access mats, offer competitive pricing, and meet their stringent project deadlines. These obstacles threatened to impede their operations and compromise their commitment to efficiency. During this time, lumber prices experienced unprecedented spikes due to COVID, resulting in supply chain disruptions and difficulties in sourcing the required materials for access mat production.


Recognizing the urgency and importance of finding a reliable access mat supplier, the client approached Mats Unlimited to replenish their fleet. The decision was based on Mats Unlimited's strong reputation for quality, reliability, and supply chain management.

Mats Unlimited swiftly assessed the unique requirements of the natural gas producer and developed a tailored approach to address their access mat needs. Leveraging their two production facilities, expert craftsmanship, and diverse material options, Mats Unlimited was well-equipped to provide a comprehensive solution.


With the partnership established, Mats Unlimited wasted no time in mobilizing their manufacturing capabilities. The teams collaborated closely to define project specifications, ensuring that the access mats would meet the natural gas producer's stringent quality and timeline requirements. During this process, a custom spec Access Mat was designed and tested for the client. 


The results of the collaboration were resoundingly successful. Over the course of nine months, Mats Unlimited successfully manufactured and delivered over 45,000 access mats, surpassing expectations in multiple aspects:

1. Reliable Supply: Mats Unlimited consistently delivered the required access mats, eliminating concerns about supply shortages or delays that previously plagued the natural gas producer's operations.

2. Consistent Pricing: The partnership with Mats Unlimited ensured consistent and competitive pricing for the access mats, allowing the natural gas producer to manage their budget effectively without unexpected cost fluctuations.

3. Meeting Tight Deadlines: Mats Unlimited demonstrated exceptional project management capabilities, delivering the access mats on time, even under the pressure of demanding project schedules.


By partnering with Mats Unlimited, the Canadian natural gas producer successfully overcame their access mat challenges and achieved their operational goals. Mats Unlimited's commitment to reliability, consistent pricing, and meeting tight deadlines enabled client to enhance their site operations without compromising efficiency or project timelines.

The collaboration between the two entities exemplifies the importance of forging strong partnerships in the industry, where dependable suppliers like Mats Unlimited play a crucial role in supporting the success and sustainability of natural gas production operations.




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