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Understanding Access Mat Grades: A Guide to Mat Quality

Used Access Mats

When it comes to used access mats, not all mats are created equal. These essential tools play a crucial role in providing safe and stable pathways for heavy equipment and vehicles on construction sites, pipelines, power transmission, utilities, and a variety of other industrial applications. To ensure you choose the right mats for your project, it's important to understand the different access mat grades available.

Grade A Mats: Pristine and Ready for Action

Grade A used mats are the cream of the crop. When you lay your eyes on a Grade A mat, it looks just like a brand-new mat. These mats retain their shape, boasting timber in excellent condition, and they still have all their nuts and bolts intact. Grade A mats have spent very little time in the field and are likely no older than 6-12 months. Aside from purchasing new access mats, they are your best bet for reliability and longevity, making them ideal for projects that demand top-tier performance.

Grade B Mats: Reliable with a Bit of Wear

If you want reliability but can sacrifice some longevity, Grade B mats might be your go-to option. They closely resemble Grade A mats but exhibit a bit more wear and tear. You may notice dirt, dents, scratches, and general surface wear on the boards. However, don't let the visual imperfections fool you – these mats do not have any structural defects. They remain square and are not missing any boards. While a few nuts and bolts may be missing or bent, Grade B mats are still perfectly serviceable. Typically, they are between 12-24 months old.

Grade C Mats: Approaching the End of the Road

Grade C mats are the workhorses that have seen their fair share of action. As they approach the end of their useful life, they start to show their age. These mats will have missing boards and nuts and bolts, and while they are structurally viable, their load limits are reduced. Grade C mats often find a second life as "base layers" in situations where site conditions require multiple layers of matting.

At Mats Unlimited, we take pride in our expertise in manufacturing 3-ply wood access mats. We source a range of lumber, including Douglas fir, oak, southern yellow pine, and spruce, to meet specific job site requirements and customer preferences. Our team of matting experts is always ready to assist you in determining the most appropriate access mats for your job site.

Mats Unlimited Access Solutions

Our management team and production crews are ready to meet your access needs. At Mats Unlimited you're not just buying access mats, you're getting best in class service and support.

  1. Industry leading production capacity: We are able to manufacture 10,000+ access mats a month across our two facilities in Nisku

  2. Robust Inventory: We have access mats in stock for urgent orders

  3. Project Management: Not sure how many mats you need? Our field experts can help

  4. 24/7 Support: Contact us today to get started

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