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Access Matting: To Rent or To Purchase?

Access matting inventory

When it comes to access mats, the decision to rent or purchase is a critical one for any project. Access mats play a crucial role in providing temporary roadways and stable surfaces in challenging terrains across a range of industries including pipelines, natural gas, power transmission, construction, and mining. Here, we'll explore some major considerations to help you make the right choice for your specific needs.

  1. Quality and Contamination: Purchasing new access mats from Mats Unlimited ensures you're getting the highest quality mats with the longest expected lifespan. These mats are free from potential site contamination, which can be a significant concern in environmentally sensitive areas. Investing in top-notch mats ensures a reliable and safe foundation for your operations.

  2. Stock and Transportation: Purchasing your own mats means you have them in stock whenever you need them. This can be advantageous for projects with ongoing or unpredictable needs. Additionally, owning mats can cut down on transportation costs, as you won't have to rent mats and have them delivered to your site each time you require them. It provides a level of convenience and cost savings that can be beneficial in the long run.

  3. Economic Considerations: Access mat rentals are often more economical for short-term projects or situations where new mats are not required. If your project only spans a few weeks or months, it may not make sense to invest in purchasing mats. Renting allows you to pay for the mats you need when you need them, reducing upfront expenses and long-term commitments.

  4. Storage and Maintenance: Access mat rentals are ideal if you do not want to deal with the logistics of storing mats between projects or the hassle of mat washing and maintenance after project completion. Rental companies typically handle these aspects, saving you time and effort.

In conclusion, the decision to rent or purchase access mats should be based on your project's specific requirements and long-term business goals. As a manufacturer, Mats Unlimited is purely focused on sales but we work alongside many of Canada's largest rental companies. If you're trying to decide what your matting needs are, whether they are rig mats, access maps, swamp mats, or otherwise, we are happy to discuss your project specifics and point you in the right direction.

Mats Unlimited Access Solutions

Our management team and production crews are ready to meet your access needs. At Mats Unlimited you're not just buying access mats, you're getting best in class service and support.

  1. Industry leading production capacity: We are able to manufacture 10,000+ access mats a month across our two facilities in Nisku

  2. Robust Inventory: We have access mats in stock for urgent orders

  3. Project Management: Not sure how many mats you need? Our field experts can help

  4. 24/7 Support: Contact us today to get started

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