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Access Mats: Leading the Way for Robust Electrical Grid Upgrades

Electrical grid upgrades need access mats

The world's appetite for electricity is growing at an unprecedented rate, driven by the electrification of car fleets, increasing energy demands from households and businesses, and a growing reliance on electronic devices. To meet this surging demand, robust electrical grids are needed to efficiently balance the energy equation. The challenge is that such grids don't yet exist, and building them presents an extraordinary challenge for utilities, energy service providers, and governments worldwide. Fortunately, 3-ply access mats from Mats Unlimited are poised to play a crucial role in making these electrical grid upgrades feasible, especially in remote areas.

The Investment Imperative

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), substantial investments are needed to transform our grids. The IEA estimates that an average annual investment of $600 billion through 2030 is required – twice the current yearly expenditure. These investments will support the development of smart grids, grid enhancements, and renewable energy integration.

The Role of Access Mats for Grid Upgrades

Access mats, also known as construction mats, will prove invaluable in enabling these ambitious grid upgrades, especially in remote and challenging terrains. Here's how they contribute:

  1. Infrastructure Access: Access mats create stable and secure paths for heavy equipment, allowing utilities and construction teams to access remote areas for grid expansion and maintenance.

  2. Environmentally Friendly: These mats minimize ground disturbance and habitat disruption, aligning with efforts to reduce the environmental impact of grid construction.

  3. Efficiency: Access mats expedite construction by providing a stable foundation, reducing project timelines, and minimizing disruptions to local communities.

As the world races to modernize electrical grids and meet the growing energy demand, access mats emerge as unsung heroes. Mats Unlimited's production two production facilities in Nisku, Alberta are ideally located to meet the growing needs of utility companies. Our 3-ply design features gapped or solid tops, a solid core, and a gapped bottom to ensure the mats have maximum ground traction. The interlocking fingers allow for continuous platforms and roads to be created to distribute weight from heavy machinery, equipment, and crews without causing ground disturbance or having the mats separate. All our access mats are held together by a unique bolt pattern that maximizes strength and flexibility while ensuring the mats won't lose shape if dropped or moved from site to site.

Mats Unlimited Access Solutions

Our management team and production crews are ready to meet your access needs. At Mats Unlimited you're not just buying access mats, you're getting best in class service and support.

  1. Industry leading production capacity: We are able to manufacture 10,000+ access mats a month across our two facilities in Nisku

  2. Robust Inventory: We have access mats in stock for urgent orders

  3. Project Management: Not sure how many mats you need? Our field experts can help

  4. 24/7 Support: Contact us today to get started

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