What is the difference between a Swamp Mat and an Access Mat?

Nothing but the name! Access mats go by a lot of different names including Swamp Mats, Carriage-Bolted Mats, Bolted Mats, Temporary Road Mats, Road Mats, Truck Mats, and 3-Ply Mats.

What industries use Access Matting?

Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Utility, Logging, Alternative Energy, Marine and Environmental Cleanup all use access matting. 

What is the primary application for Access Matting?

Our Access Matting provides a safe and stable platform as well as environmental ground protection. Portable roadways, site access, walkways, and platforms for heavy equipment are all common uses. 

How much do Access Mats weigh?

Our Access Mats weigh 1800 lbs. This is one of the major competitive advantage of Access Mats. They weigh considerably less than other types of mats meaning shipping and freight costs are drastically reduced. 

How long does it take to manufacture an Access Mat?

Our crew can make a completed Access Mat in 12 minutes.